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The National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR) has as its primary goal to provide technical, engineering, and traffic analysis support of NSF High Performance Connections sites and HPNSP (high-performance network service providers) such as the NSF/MCI very high performance Backbone Network Service (vBNS).

Funded by the National Science Foundation Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate, NLANR is a distributed organization with three parts:

We report on relevant activities in High-Performance Networking in the "NLANR Packets" newsletter.

We also maintain a general Calendar of Events in High-Performance Networking.

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A Brief History

The NSF Advanced Networking Infrastructure and Research (ANIR) Division supports two basic research programs and one experimental facility program. The basic research programs are Networking Research and Special Projects in Networking Research; the experimental facilities program is Advanced Networking Infrastructure that focuses on developing and enabling the use of experimental advanced networks in broad support of the research and education community.

NLANR, initially a collaboration among NSF-supported supercomputer sites, was created in 1995 to provide technical and engineering support and overall coordination of the vBNS connections at the five NSF-supported supercomputer centers. The vBNS has evolved to become a "leading edge but stable" platform to enable the development and use of high performance applications by the broader academic research community. This, and the advent of other high-speed networks, caused NLANR's focus to expand.

Today NLANR offers support and services to institutions that are qualified to use HPNSPs -- high-performance network service providers -- such as Internet 2, Next Generation Internet, and STAR TAP.

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